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He has helped them relocate to the Los Angeles area and enter the music industry.an unusual style in hip hop, where the artist more commonly refers to the sale of such substances.She can’t be a day over 15, and she’s obviously wasted. He strolls across the stage holding a microphone, then grabs a noticeably drugged-out backup dancer and kisses her on the mouth. .”The singer’s head dips and bobs to a pounding beat emanating from the club’s sound system. The singer tosses his longish hair back and begins to “Mickey Avalon, dick thick as a baton, the illest motherfucker from here to Vietnam, I used to work nights on hot cock dot com, but then I got fired when my mom logged on.He shoves her hard across the stage, and she stumbles in her heels and falls forward onto the floor, legs splayed apart in her short dress, eyes closed the whole time. His friend, also shirtless, stands next to him, leaning out over the crowd and pouring tequila into opened mouths as if delivering a communion. I’m on the run, my dad’s a bum, I asked my girl if she loved me and she just said — Toward the back of the club, two lanky African-American kids are dressed in the uniform of the serious hip-hop aficionado — T-shirts, baggy jeans and tilted baseball caps.

Raising the microphone to a face adorned with glittery, half-smeared makeup, the singer surveys the scene before him. Backstage after the show, Mickey Avalon strolls into the crowded dressing room like a middleweight champ in mascara and eyeliner.

The tight jeans he’s wearing are now strategically torn in back, and she can see the pale skin just inside. ” But as her manicured fingers near their target, he suddenly reaches down and squeezes her hand, then turns and shimmies off across the stage, raising a bottle of expensive tequila to his mouth and gulping it down like water. Is this the beginning of a full-scale glam-rock revival on the Sunset Strip?

The girl falls back into the arms of her friends, smiling beatifically, her glossy lips parting to reveal a set of expensive-looking braces. .”Like a young Mick Jagger, the singer is shirtless and skinny, ugly and pretty. Despite the heady promise of drugs and debauchery coursing through the young and predominantly white crowd, not exactly.

You don’t really realize those kinds of things until you go somewhere else .... I also like the colder places because it makes the girls have to hold on to a couple extra pounds, to be a little thicker. FM: Do you think there are differences between East Coast and West Coast audiences? FM: How do you know if you gave a really good performance? The less it felt like work, the better it probably was. FM: Have you ever had a really strange concert experience? I remember feeling important and flattered that she liked me. One night I saw Bassnectar, and I don’t know if I would listen to it in my car, but the show, the lights, the music. I grew up with my mother and my sister, so I seem to be more comfortable with girls. FM: If you had your friends and family in a room with you, how do you think they would sum you up in three words?

I think people are pretty fucked everywhere in the world, so it’s best to find a place where the weather is good and where your family is. When I got on stage, I was on autopilot for the most part. People have said that they like my laugh, and if they go too long without hearing it, something is not right. FM: Does your stage persona differ from who you are in real life?

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