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I checked the site the next month and not only was I still there on the gay search results but so was another guy. I’m real sure that Black water fountains were considered better because instead of being infused with fluoride they were mentholated.Over time, Bill told me that he met many camping buddies on Hannidate.Here's one of the profiles I found in a Google search for "Hannidate gay"... I mean, as a born again Christian, I just don't get it. In this woeful time of apostasy and attack against family values, why would Mr. We are seeing an increase in gay-tolerance and compromise these days. We are seeing an increase in gay-friendly Christians. Why would any professed Christian take such a horrible sin as homosexuality lightly? America has deteriorated morally to the point where even lesbians are starting ministries, such as Marsha Stevens' BALM (Born Again Lesbian Music). And now Sean Hannity is dipping his sails in compromise. Can you imagine, trying to teach Ronald that it's ok to stick something in Timmy's backside? It is said that he easily gets attracted to another woman.In 2013, he also revealed that he lusts for other women.Must Read: Married in 1993, Fox News' Sean Hannity, wife Jill, still together but not without rumors of divorce The reason behind Sean’s likely-to-be divorce is quite shocking.Jill has been connected to many women after his marriage.

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Aren't you interested to know about the personal life of Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity's Career, Awards, Net Worth And Salary: Everything's Going From Strength to Strength Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity met at WVNN radio in Huntsville, Alabama in 1991.

However, after dating for less than a year, they decided to turn their love affair into a marriage. After their wedding, they moved to live in Atlanta, Georgia and lately they have been living with Merri Kelly Hannity and Patrick Hannity, their two children, in their .6 million 5-bedroom home, located in Lloyd Neck, New York.

If you are, you read the full story below Caption: Sean's Wife and kids (daughter and son) Sean Hannity married Jill Rhodes, a former columnist for Huntsville Times on 9 January 1993.

The couple’s relation developed because both Sean and Jill belonged to the same profession.

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