Sanaa lathan dating colin

Or at least on a first date that’s hopefully not a 0 date. As soon as the news hit, social media started with the jokes about how if French could pull her, it lets you know that anybody could have. We think these women are great catches so the men they date should also live up to that standard that we believe them to be. I remember when I found out that Lil Wayne and Lauren London were expecting.

Oh, and fellas, if you intend to go splitsies on this date as so many men seem to be doing nowadays, as Teedra Moses said on her landmark work, (a work that I’d bet money Sanaa is familiar with), specifically the song “You Better Tell her”, well “…you better tell her…” Women HATE the dutch surprise date ending. It was the same type of joke that Chris Rock made about Jermaine Dupri dating Janet Jackson, as if Jermaine Dupri was some poor man’s, budget-boyfriend that somehow slid in Janet’s DMs (or would have if Instagram and Twitter were a thing back then) while the rest of the available, and more suitable populace of men, collectively blinked. My opinion of her plummeted like that apple that hit Newton.

The 43-year-old actress neither denied or confirmed Big Boy’s suggestion that French Montana, 30, may be that guy by saying that she “doesn’t talk about her personal life.” But she did confirm something. Lathan, who is also a producer of , went on to define her ideal suitor. Rumors of Lathan dating the “Moses” rapper began after Diddy posted a video of the two on Instagram in July.

Say What: Did NFL Player Colin Kaepernick Leave a Woman Stranded at Atlanta Airport? He Kaepernick’s teammate Nnamdi Asomugha is rumored to have hooked the two up, Black Sports Online reports.

Asomugha’s wife Kerry Washington is good friends with Lathan.

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