Postcard dating uk

Under magnification they appear as very fine dots (much finer than screen printed, shown above right).

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between photogravure & RP without a magnifier.

A rare signed postcard of Adolf Hitler with his German Shepherd Blondi is set to go on sale at auction.

Photogravure is a method whereby a photographic image is etched onto a copper plate and printed from that.

However, postcards never regained their popularity of the pre-war years, 1900-1914.

From : Letter Rate 1d, Postcards 1d From : Letter Rate 2d, Postcards 2d From 1941 onwards, paler colours were used for d to 3d stamps. the 2d stamp was 'orange' (1940-41) then 'pale orange' (1941-50) and 'pale brown' (1950-52). The illustrations of stamps on this page have been taken from postcards in my collection and other collections.

It was introduced to match the heads on coins and medals.

- The postal rates increased to 1d (), then to 1d ().

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