Iphone email updating

If you choose an i Cloud account, the phone prompts you to log in with your current password.Answer the security questions to prove your identity and tap Verify. So type in the password for your email account again, if you're getting an error, and see if that helps. Then simply click back to the main settings windows. It could be that your password is typed in wrong in this particular area, or did not get saved to this part of the email set up.After changing the password to your email account, your i Phone won't be able to sync new messages or send outgoing messages until you update the password on your phone.If you use i Cloud for your email, you have the option of picking a new password directly on the phone itself, but for other email providers, change your password on a computer and enter the new password on your i Phone when it automatically prompts you.Pick the account you want to update from the list of accounts.On the following page, tap your email address at the top of the screen.

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I have my Bt Yahoo mail set up on both my Mac and my ipad, and both have been working well for years.

Yesterday afternoon the mail on my ipad stopped updating for no apparent reason.

I tried deleting the account on my ipad and resetting it up, but to no avail. Has anybody experienced a similar issue and fixed it?

More than anything, a good email app should be fast.

Refreshing your inbox, loading messages — none of these things should take more than a second or two.

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