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) is a flowering plant native to the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

It is used as a stimulant and it is a controlled substance in many countries.

The eye-watering sum of foreign aid cash will be used to develop the band’s “branded media platform” and keep it going until at least 2018, the Daily Mail reports.

Furious MPs have blasted the new payout as “wasteful spending” that could be used to help vulnerable OAPs in the UK.

It comes after an investigation by the paper found the group benefited from a £4million handout in 2013 as part of a UK project named Girl Hub.

At the time critics in Ethiopia said the whopping figure was enough to run the Yegna campaign for 154 years.

And while recent turmoil in Syria remains the focal point of U. national news reports, Burqa hopes the march will raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis and will hopefully put some U. pressure on the Ethiopian government to stop their current policy of providing support to the current government.“The regime is killing people,” Burqa said. According to Amnesty International, the current Ethiopian government has labeled the protesters as terrorists.

A similar march was held back in mid-December and drew around 30 people.

The band – dubbed Ethiopia's own Spice Girls – aim to empower women through music.Indeed she was a blonde, freckle-faced white girl born to two white parents. Of course, objective facts regarding biology, genetics, and ethnicity have not proven to be a deterrent to Dolezal’s insistence that she is black. One cannot determine their own gender any more than a person can determine their own race. It is also a rebuke of the entire postmodern project of our Western culture over the last 50 years.“Can the Ethiopan change his skin or a leopard his spots? Dolezal is simply acting out the worldview she has learned from the Western culture within which she was raised.Over and over she has gotten the message that truth is simply a construct of the self.And these messages probably didn’t come from her parents. TV shows have reminded her that her own feelings are what matters most.

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