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A graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, she is an associate rector and shares in all aspects of ministry, with an emphasis on Outreach and Mission.Chuck Hough III was thrilled when his son decided to enter the family business.

As an ordained person, breaking up can be disastrous; you’re a public figure, and people can be mean and vindictive in break-ups. Don’t compromise your beliefs, identity, or integrity just because they might be uncomfortable.

In this view, the early Church did not consider legitimate marriage by those who were already priests.

The Council of Elvira, a local synod held in Hispania Baetica (part of modern Andalusia) in 306, before Constantine had legitimized Christianity, made it an explicit law that bishops and other clergy should not have sexual relations with their wives.

The Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Churches, while allowing married men to be ordained, do not allow clerical marriage after ordination.

Their parish priests are most often married, but must marry before becoming ordained as priests—although they can get married while still attending the seminary.

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