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OS ANGELES — Federal regulators are preparing to crack down on scores of clinics across the United States that offer pricey stem cell therapies for conditions ranging from autism to multiple sclerosis to erectile dysfunction without any scientific evidence that they work.As many as 200 stem cell clinics have cropped up in recent years, peddling injections, facelifts, and treatments for a number of devastating conditions.These critics say there’s no evidence the treatments work — or that some of them even contain stem cells.Yet clinics charge fees ranging from ,000 to ,000 per treatment, with some patients reportedly racking up bills over 0,000.Scientists have cracked one of France's most enduring mysteries, finding that a disease-ridden boy who died in a Paris prison more than 200 years ago really was the son of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette and heir to the French throne.The fate of Louis XVI's son had long intrigued France.

Such licenses would require evidence that stem cell treatments are both safe and effective — the sort of proof that takes drug companies many years of clinical trials to obtain, at a cost of millions of dollars.This time, the team says they proceeded with extreme caution and are confident that the new samples they retrieved are pristine lake water.Using information on the lake’s pressure and depth, collected in 2012, they calculated how slowly they needed to raise the drill to avoid a piston effect, whereby lake water suddenly surges upwards and mixes with drilling fluids, which is what happened last time.Some historians declared the dead child to be Louis XVII.Others said the royal heir escaped and that another child died in his place to save official face during the unstable days of the French Revolution. Scientists from two European universities compared DNA from the heart of the dead child to DNA from hair cut from Marie-Antoinette as a child in Austria.

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