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Mexican Americans are people who have Mexican ancestry. The list includes, besides Mexican immigrants having American citizenship and their descendants, resident Mexicans who lived in the Mexican Southwest of the current U. Long pauses following each song were filled with stage banter that was forced and predictable, as though the anecdotes and quips had been rehearsed for months prior to the show.“Pretty Boy” was the lone memorable track of the night due to Aubrey O’Day’s dubious introduction, in which she implored the mostly teenaged audience to scream if they had ever been with a man who was “doing another girl on the side.” The members of Day26 didn’t have the dance moves or outfits to compete with Danity Kane’s stage show, but at least they sang their songs and displayed a reasonable level of intensity throughout the performance. Diddy made a brief appearance in which he thanked the crowd for supporting the bands — both have had No.The group released their first album, Day26, on March 25, 2008, one week after their then labelmates and Making the Band 3 winners Danity Kane released Welcome to the Dollhouse.The album's first single, "Got Me Going", was released on the finale of Making the Band 4.

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