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Top Tips for Using Our Service Often, it might take a bit of time for a volunteer to become available.

Use the time to think about what you’d like to say or to browse the LGBT Helpline website. It’s quicker and easier to get the help you need if you aren’t distracted.

You can also call on our lo-call number 1890 929 539 to speak to a helpline volunteer. If the volunteer says something which you don't understand, ask them to clarify what they mean.

If you ever feel a chat wasn't as useful as a previous one you've had, give it another chance - you may find that your next chat is really helpful.

The most effective spelling programs teach people to spell the same word patterns they are learning to read, along with instantly reading the most common high-frequency words noted by Dr. The apps in this review systematically introduce concepts in a carefully sequenced progression, provide engaging practice, assess mastery and, in some cases, monitor and report individual student progress.

I’ve included a developmentally sequenced list of apps, starting with the most basic and progressing to older students and adults.

There’s an artistic judgment at work, says Smith, as well as an understanding that digital communication can be used as a literary technique for a new generation.Find out more about our confidentiality policy here....(Copy of our policy attached separately – should be link to the policy here) You can’t always prepare what you want to say but if there is something specific, tell them at the beginning of your chat.Don't worry if you can't cover everything that's on your mind in a single chat.Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine, says today’s brain -- your child's in particular -- is shaped by memes.Memes are units or streams of information constantly competing for our attention, moving through a culture by popping up or flashing on websites, TV commercials, or video clips, for instance.

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